A Sustainable Oasis of Architectural Ingenuity - this House Harmonizes Local Materials and Environmental Stewardship for a Greener Tomorrow

Through meticulous attention to detail and innovative design solutions, the architects have created a home that not only meets the functional needs of its occupants but also nurtures a sense of connection to the surrounding environment.

A Sustainable Oasis of Architectural Ingenuity - this House Harmonizes Local Materials and Environmental Stewardship for a Greener Tomorrow

"Cascading Terraces" embodies the evolving ethos of sustainable living embraced by an increasing number of individuals worldwide. In the realm of architecture and design, this movement is spearheaded by pioneering professionals who advocate for low-energy, minimalist, and natural design principles. Platforms like Buildofy serve as showcases for designers who champion sustainable practices, persuading clients to adopt eco-conscious lifestyles.

Arch Lab stands among these trailblazers, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability not only in philosophy but also in practice. When tasked with designing a sustainable home, they rose to the challenge, of devising a solution that prioritized energy efficiency and connectivity with nature. Spanning three floors—basement, ground, and first—the design presented unique challenges, chief among them ensuring seamless connectivity and abundant natural light while maintaining optimal airflow throughout the dwelling.

"Cascading Terraces" illustrates that simplicity and minimalism need not compromise functionality or environmental responsibility. By embracing these design principles, Arch Lab has crafted a home that not only meets the needs of its occupants but also reduces its ecological footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future. In doing so, they inspire others to rethink their approach to design and construction, proving that every decision, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in our collective journey toward sustainability.

Cascading terraces is a minimalist house that exudes simplicity in every corner of the house. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Mohali Punjab

Plot Area

3,600 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

5,200 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance


An Open Plan Layout

Each floor of the house at "Cascading Terraces" is meticulously designed to maximize both interior comfort and connection with the surrounding environment. The basement floor provides a tranquil retreat, featuring a spacious central living area flanked by two secluded bedrooms. Each bedroom opens onto a central courtyard garden, creating a serene atmosphere and fostering a strong connection with nature. This floor is designed to be a sanctuary of peace, ideal for rest and relaxation. The ground floor serves as the vibrant hub of social interaction and communal activities. It boasts a large living area that seamlessly transitions into a shared kitchen and dining space, fostering a semi-social ambiance perfect for gatherings and family interactions. Additionally, a separate drawing room offers a dedicated space for entertaining guests, ensuring that social and private needs are well balanced.

On the first floor, privacy and independence are prioritized. It features two bedrooms situated at opposite ends of the floor, each with its own attached washroom. This design provides a sense of autonomy and personal space, making it ideal for family members seeking solitude.

The courtyard garden, central to the design, ties all these spaces together. Positioned at the core of the home, it features a combination of terraces and gardens that cascade through the different levels. These terraces not only support the upper floor gardens but also create a visual and functional link between the floors. The courtyard is open to the sky, ensuring that natural light floods into every room throughout the day and maintaining excellent airflow, enhancing the overall living experience. This lush, central garden embodies the sustainable design philosophy of the home, promoting a constant interaction with nature while providing a calming, green sanctuary within the urban environment. The thoughtful layout ensures that every room enjoys views of both the outdoor neighborhood and the indoor courtyard, fostering a sense of openness and connection to the natural world. This harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces exemplifies how minimalist design and sustainability can coexist, creating a beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly living environment.

The house is designed in a unique vertical as well as horizontal open plan that keeps all the spaces interconnected at all times. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

The Natural Material Palette

Materials play a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance and character of the entire space at "Cascading Terraces." The architects prioritized the use of natural, locally sourced materials not only to reduce costs but also to minimize environmental impact and support the local community.

One standout material utilized throughout the home is exposed brick. Handmade bricks, strategically placed on the façade and incorporated into interior design elements, create a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, adding depth and texture to the spaces. The rustic charm of exposed brick serves as a backdrop for the sleek artistic staircase and living room, infusing the home with a sense of timeless elegance. Kota stone flooring, another locally sourced material, dominates the interior spaces. Its subtle grey hue perfectly complements the exposed brick, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home. Additionally, Jaisalmer stone adds warmth and grandeur to the flooring, imbuing the spaces with a sense of comfort and luxury.

Wood emerges as a dominant material, used extensively in furniture, wall paneling, and flooring. Its natural beauty and versatility infuse each space with warmth and character, enhancing the overall sense of comfort and coziness. Whether as a structural element or decorative feature, wood adds a timeless elegance to the design scheme. Set against the backdrop of lush green vegetation, these carefully selected materials form the perfect ingredients for a sustainable home. By harmonizing natural elements with thoughtful design, "Cascading Terraces" exemplifies the potential of sustainable architecture to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

A natural material palette lends the house a sense of rawness and minimalism. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

Cascading Terraces stands as a testament to the power of sustainable architecture to transform living spaces into harmonious sanctuaries that blend seamlessly with the natural world. From its thoughtful use of locally sourced materials to its integration of lush green vegetation, every aspect of the design reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility, community engagement, and aesthetic excellence.

It stands as a beacon of inspiration for future architectural endeavors, demonstrating that sustainable design can be both aesthetically captivating and environmentally responsible. In an era of increasing concern for our planet's well-being, this innovative approach to architecture offers a glimpse into a future where homes not only provide shelter but also contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious way of life.

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