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We are non-elitists
We are for everyone, literally. Be it a starchitect or a fresh young firm, a practice based in a bustling metro, or an individual working in an idyllic rural setup, we do not differentiate. Neither do we provide special treatment to a select few, nor do we believe in neglecting a novice.
The project is our hero
Our documentation intends to make design accessible. In doing so, we focus on the how and why of a project as much as the what. With the architect as our sutradhar, we intend to tell the story of the project.
We have high expectations
Our viewers demand details, and we do not like disappointing them. Once a project is selected, the design firm will have to put in some effort and time in providing us with content that is unique and self-explanatory.
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Buildofy is a content platform that broadcasts videos and PDF eBooks of amazing homes in India.
Be it a homeowner, a practicing architect or a student, our content will help you to understand home design in detail.
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