What is Buildofy?

We are an independent media firm that broadcast architecture films and eBooks of amazing houses in India.
Be it homeowners, design professionals or students, our content will help you understand home design in detail.

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Dhwaj Shah
Neetal Shah
Puneet Verma
Tech Partner
Kanishk Sharma
Sr. Architecture Journalist
Yamini Patil
Architecture Journalist
Chithresh Mani
Architecture Journalist
Simran Almeida
Architecture Journalist
Bharat Narvekar
Graphic Designer
Devika Lewis
Content Associate
Subir Bhowmick
Office Admin
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Buildofy is a content platform that broadcasts videos and PDF eBooks of amazing homes in India.
Be it a homeowner, a practicing architect or a student, our content will help you to understand home design in detail.
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