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Buildofy is a content platform that broadcasts videos and PDF eBooks of amazing homes in India.
Be it a homeowner, a practicing architect or a student, our content will help you to understand home design in detail.

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Dhwaj Shah
Dhwaj is geared towards creating a lovable product, identifying talent, and brand strategy. With 15+ years of experience, he has seen the entire content value chain of print publishing, event conferences, and digital media, in architecture. His purpose in life is to build a lovable cult brand, born out of India and consumed by the world. Apart from entrepreneurship, he invests his time in spirituality, reading business books, and relearning life principles through the lens of his son Zivaan.
Aspiring Bibliophile
Bollywood Junkie
Neetal Shah
Strategic vision combined with business acumen is what defines Neetal. She has a knack for translating big strategies into actionable tasks. An MBA in finance by qualification, she transitioned from 9 am to 9 pm MNC banking job to co-founding Buildofy (6 am to 12 pm). A fitness freak and meticulous time planner, she gets her sense of thrill from travel and adventure.
Adventure Seeker
Fitness Freak
Puneet Verma
Tech Partner
With 6+ years of experience in building web and mobile apps, Puneet oversees all things tech. He actively researches Blockchain and also was the co-founder of Grabtrue Inc (an NYC-based e-commerce platform). Currently the founder of Saanvis, he is passionately involved in creating Buildofy 2.0.
Flight Sim Fan
Diya Nahar
Content Associate
As an architect and content creator, Diya is interested in exploring designs where tangible forms meet intangible emotions, traversing mind-traps, and redefining perspectives. She thinks of Architectural Journalism as a pursuit in creating spaces by moulding words. Bustling with energy, she is always up for new explorations. Apart from reading, writing, and listening to music, she also loves cooking and swimming.
Obsessive Conversationalist
Adventure Junkie
Richa Shah
Content Associate
Richa is a young architect who loves to explore the numerous stories embedded in the field of architecture. Her passion and curiosity help her produce innovative content, as she believes that architecture can evolve through communication. She owes her artistic vibrancy to being a trained classical dancer, an experimental cook, and a sincere admirer of old movies and music.
Movie Buff
Classical Dancer
History Enthusiast
Jaidev Tripathy
Content Associate
Often captivated by spaces, perspectives, and human behaviour in intricate relationships with their surroundings, Jaidev has set on a journey to catch and articulate everyday narratives abounding him. A young architect by degree and an artist by nature, he engages deeply with expressive mediums like designing, sketching, video-editing, and writing to juxtapose and create engaging architectural content. When not doing serious work, he is found obsessing over cinema and football, or exploring the urban landscape to feel its nuances.
Cold-Coffee Addict
Yamini Patil
Content Associate
A qualification in architecture does not stop Yamini from exploring other domains. She recognizes how design is multifaceted and can be sculpted into diverse forms and mediums across varied genres. While spontaneity drives her conversations, she is always curious about deeper stories. A passion for travel photography takes her to new places where she discovers unique cultural nuances and cuisines.
Chai Lover
Siddhi Pawar
Production Associate
Siddhi has a proven history of experiential content production in the entertainment industry. Her belief that 'life is a journey, not a destination' motivates her to take each day as it comes. Her passion for travel is fueled by her desire to try different restaurants and cuisines on her must-have weekend getaways.
Bollywood Aficionado
Adventure Seeker
Bharat Narvekar
Creative Designer
Bharat is the go-to person for all things graphic design. Apart from work, his interests lie in trekking and traveling.
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Buildofy is a content platform that broadcasts videos and PDF eBooks of amazing homes in India.
Be it a homeowner, a practicing architect or a student, our content will help you to understand home design in detail.
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