Blooming Romances: A Home that Flirts with Its Surroundings while/and Becoming One with Them

Exposed brick and concrete paired with glass when set against pockets of blooming verdant gardens, conspire the formation of the House with Gardens of North-East-South.

Blooming Romances: A Home that Flirts with Its Surroundings while/and Becoming One with Them

In a bustling city life, tackling the sentiment of happiness is a tad tricky. Consequently, in pursuit of these little pleasures; staycations built  in the arms of Mother Nature have been an unending trend. With profound awareness of the same, in the heart of the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Hiren Patel Architects crafted a home, where each space softly pecks its lush natural surroundings, and cuddles with its recurrent amendments. Aptly christened as the House with Gardens of North-East-South, this abode allies with the flora, to tell tales of its architectural magnificence.

The clients coined the home as ‘Awal Ba Nu Ghar’ (Awal Granny’s house) “Awal Ba was my grandmother… so, we have kept the name after her,” adds Tatvam Patel, the owner of this tranquil dwelling who is also a lawyer.
Architect Hiren Patel explains the conception of this tranquil home in the heart of a city. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Plot Area

5,316 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

16,650 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance



On entering the residence’s premises through the street, a paved pathway handholds one to face a gigantic brick and concrete edifice, but not before expelling the alacrity of the city. “We thought, let’s start creating a boundary which is a thick plantation,” explains architect Hiren, about catering to the concern of discretion of the home. Adhering to its namesake a lush blossom flourishes around the abode, paradoxically highlighting it as well as concealing it. The vegetation was strategically placed per the directions for instance; the western and southern portions feature shadow-loving trees and the northern and eastern fragments highlight tall, yet slender plantations. This segregation of vegetation aids in cutting out the harsh light and sanctioning the ambient light respectively. As the abode gradually unveils in its rustic glory at the end of the paved way, a bouquet of vegetation fringes off a balcony on the first floor, mirroring its lush context.

The abode is set against a lush backdrop, that spotlights it and conceals it simultaneously. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


“Our concept was that a home should be inside out home, right? even if you come inside, you should feel like you are in the garden,” explains Tatvam referencing the lucid character of the abode. The owner, who is a lawyer, desired a home office that could be his den, for holding meetings; a home office consequently, sits at one end of a marbled alley. The expedition from the office to the main home is filled with visual treats of the lush east and north gardens through the massive glass façades.

With massive glass façades, the home seamlessly merges with its natural environment. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

A minimalistic dining area with a kitchen becomes the nucleus of the home overlooking a cozy reading nook beyond. This epicentre shares its title with an outdoor dining area that sends postcards from a Greek Island. It is dipped in hues of indigo and white with water flowing right from the middle of the dining table toward the garden, another sit-out space on the other side allows one to escape the mundane nuances of ‘breakfast indoors.’ “They believe in whoever that comes is part of the family and… could be together; you don’t need so much segregation as such,” explains architect Hiren while standing in the colossal living area.  With herringbone patterned wooden flooring, olive green leather couches, tan armchairs, a set of brunette diwan, and a pouf; that doubles as a coffee table, this gigantic living space fosters familial bonds. This chamber basking in the morning glory awaits to whisk one for a quick sunbathing session with its massive glass façade. The living area spills onto the floating verandah, which seems straight out of a fantasy land, with a combo of a water feature and vegetation it hits the right spot.

Every room features a different vibe resembling the adjustments in the natural habitat seasonally. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

As one recovers from that surreal experience, a massive concrete canvas with warm strokes of wood takes one to a space that is not made public. This cantilevered staircase is illuminated with a sleek skylight and a glass façade, which in turn orchestrate an interplay of shadows on the concrete canvas.

The staircase is an eccentric element that feels like a warm hug on your way up. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.


Hiking up the stairs reveals a series of bedrooms scattered in every direction, amongst which a master bedroom glitters in the golden hues of Ahmedabad’s sun. “We liked the concept of open-to-sky, so we decided on that idea of having openings from all sides, and the terrace garden beyond was non-negotiable for us,” asserts Rima Patel, the owner's wife. Conscious of her covets, the double-height room boasts massive glass façades on three sides and a terrace garden that almost obliterates the boundaries between the living and outdoor spaces. “Taking a shower outdoors is a next level of stress relieving experience,” explains architect Hiren while standing in the open master bathroom that is surrounded by vegetation. The entire room’s setting seems straight out of a tropical resort from the southwest part of the continent.

The bedrooms are tailored to cater to the individuals' choices. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

To imbue a sense of intimate connection with her parents’ the daughter’s bedroom is situated adjacent to this tropical-themed room. On the other end of this ensemble, is an artist’s den bathed in indie vibes, featuring glossy Kota stone flooring, and a convertible daybed. The bedroom overflows onto a verandah to gather inspiration overlooking the garden of the north. Kota stone exhaustively appears in the bathroom cum wardrobe area and is paired with jute and wood. This bathroom beams for attaining an outdoor showering area, that is tendered with massive windows covered with thick vegetation.

Kota Stone plays the role of a sidekick to balance the temperature of the home. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

“Whatever you do should be timeless, it shouldn’t fizzle out,” grins architect Hiren describing the material palette. A palette of bare brick and concrete makes appearances on the outside, while wood and marble dominate the insides alternating between the cozy and cool vibes. Kota stone announces its presence to balance the temperature.

The home features a simple, cost-effective material palette that is locally sourced. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

Cities, often load one’s mind with a lingering longing for home, sometimes materialistic while other times it's just a feeling of wanting a home. “You have to struggle within to get something unique and beautiful… and it is a journey within… you are a medium, not a creator, the creator is already somewhere else,” explains Architect Hiren about the journey of this tranquil abode. He further eloquently ponders, “How can we get happiness to our clients? Will happiness stay forever?” while deliberately hinting toward his muse for the design of this residence. Correspondingly, the House with Gardens of North-East-South, practically thrives in achieving that relationship and passing on its pleasure to the inhabitants in the embrace of Mother Nature.

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