Conventional Coquetting: A 4,500 sq. ft. Vadodara Home Sings Love Songs with Natural Elements to the Traditional Styles

Enveloped in the embrace of a Miyawaki forest this farmhouse in Vadodara, embodies an integration with its natural milieu. The greenery is complemented by a masterful interplay of stone and mud, creating a sanctuary of tranquil beauty that resonates with an evocative harmony with nature.

Conventional Coquetting: A 4,500 sq. ft. Vadodara Home Sings Love Songs with Natural Elements to the Traditional Styles

Covid has made us all familiar with the adversity of confinement. But here, to the Amroliwalas, it also brought a dream, a secluded abode. Immersed in nature and porous to visual and physical connectivity to every possible aspect of the verdant surroundings.

“The first word that the client said was, ‘Shanti Chahiye’... escape was not really what was in their mind, solace, maybe…,” Ar. Shreya Dalwadi shared while reminiscing about her first conversation with the clients.

The farmhouse is a paean to the forest and farms around and a work of art in itself. The melody of the masses of natural materials intertwined in creative forms and balanced by large openings invites a play of nature.



Vadodara, Gujarat

Plot Area

37,290 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

4,500 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance


The Element of Surprise

A narrow lane flanked by bushes leads to an extravagant rammed earth wall. Flaunting two shades of mud in layers, the wall makes a prominent entrance to the Amroliwala Residence. This expansive entrance imbues the house with a sense of unexpected delight. A stone mass with a pitched roof is highlighted amidst a background of lush plantations.

From the very first glance, the house whispers the story of vernacular architecture. A wooden door, adorned with gleaming brass details, rests regally upon a raised plinth, embraced by stoic stone walls at its threshold. This portal beckons with an air of intrigue, unveiling an expansive courtyard bathed in the boundless embrace of the sky.

“Also, came in light the traditional technologies and traditional proportions of the fantastic Indian architecture that we have, especially the houses of Baroda,” Shreya states with regard to her design approach.
The house creates an element of surprise, right from the entrance to the spaces. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

The Miyawaki Method

“The journey of sustainability does not get completed without the mention of carbon footprint. We have deliberately invested ourselves, our time, energy, thinking we are a small part of a very large ecosystem,” expresses the architect.

Architect Shreya Dalwadi has placed significant emphasis on integrating the Miyawaki forest into the site periphery. A profound outcome of this initiative is the seamless view of trees and sky from every vantage within the house. Employing the Miyawaki method has engendered a lush canopy in the surroundings, fostering not just a retreat from urban clamor but a profound communion with nature. The forest's edge has cultivated a welcoming habitat for local flora and fauna.

The Amroliwalas commence their mornings with tea on the verandah, witnessing the sun's gentle blessing upon blossoms, while cattle egrets, sparrows, and other avian visitors dance across the verdant expanse. This tranquil scene resonates with the melodious symphony of birdcalls and the occasional peacock's call.

The Japanese method of faster growing plantations is an integral part of the design solution for this project. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

A song of mud and stones

“Our inherent work is focused towards the reinterpretation of all the traditional principles which we have continued here also, in this project,” explained Shreya while reinstating the ethos of their firm.

The stone arches and the rammed earth wall emerge as the undeniable protagonists of the residence. The seamless integration of the living, dining, and kitchen areas, devoid of any tangible or visual impediments, fosters an illusion of boundlessness. Yet, to imbue a subtle sense of demarcation, irregular rubble stone arches stand aloft on sturdy piers intermittently. These stones, in their diverse shapes, sizes, and hues, counterbalance the open fluidity of the layout with their substantial presence while maintaining its continuity. Flanking this expanse on both sides, the rammed earth wall stands sentinel. Its surface adorned with layers of white clay, artfully molded into undulating patterns reminiscent of ocean waves, serves as a recurring motif throughout the abode's interior partitions.

A composition of soft wavy mud walls with a heavy mass of stone arches combined with lush greenery creates a balance in the design. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

Inclined towards the sky

“And all the work that we want to do, we would insist that… we would see to it that we and our team move a little closer to Mother Earth and her fantastic elements, and therefore, we have deliberately concluded elements of openness in this project. “Inside Out” is the underlined theme for this project,” exclaimed the architect, bringing to the limelight the concept behind the planning of the Amroliwala Residence.

The gently sloping roof, adorned with a clerestory window, serves as a conduit between the dweller within and the celestial expanse above. Its incline is purposefully aligned to offer a nightly vista of constellations from the resting place. Each chamber unfolds into a central courtyard, unbounded and exposed to the heavens, fostering an intimate dialogue between inhabitants and the cosmos.

The design emphasizes a connection with the elements of nature. Here, the inclination in the roof terminating in clerestory windows connects the spaces to the sky. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.
“This has led us to a form which is very open and transparent, and sort of communicating, through the openings, through the courtyards, through the materials, communicating to the mother Earth out there in the most desirable sustainability,” Ar. Shreya Dalwadi encapsulates the essence of spatial ambiance within the Amroliwala residence.

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