Embracing Nature and Sustainable Living at the House of Greens

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Bengaluru, the House of Greens stands as a testament to sustainable living and harmonious coexistence with the environment. This unique project reflects a blend of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Embracing Nature and Sustainable Living at the House of Greens

Welcome to the "House of Greens", a verdant haven of peace where the gentle embrace of nature meets elegant architecture. The clients are dog lovers, green enthusiasts, down-to-earth doctors, and peace lovers, who wanted more than simply a place to live; they wanted a haven where their beliefs of sustainability and respect for the natural world could grow. And thus the House of Greens was born, a realization of their shared dream of a place that offers unmatched luxury and style while blending in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, this four-bedroom home subtly encourages a strong sense of physical and visual connection to nature. The entire house was carefully planned to provide a feeling of being in a garden. Every room harmoniously flows into nature, starting with the living area and ending with the master bedroom, which has a private balcony deeply connected to the outside environment.



Bengaluru, Karnataka

Plot Area

4,000 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

7,8000 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance


Use of Natural Techniques

The design's primary goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the house by utilizing energy-efficient technologies and ecologically friendly materials. Interior spaces are flooded with natural light, which greatly reduces the need for artificial lighting while creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The house uses less energy to maintain pleasant temperatures all year round thanks to passive heating and cooling technologies.

Moreover, the house's commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, which use the abundance of nature to meet their water demands. Rich indoor plants fill every corner of the house, enhanced by a lush backyard retreat and a beautiful rooftop garden. These verdant havens not only improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the living areas but also function as peaceful retreats that promote a strong sense of connectedness with nature.

Multiple indigenous design techniques are utilized to bring in ample light and wind, making the house more sustainable. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

Ground Floor Charm

As one steps into the welcoming embrace of the House of Greens, the ground floor unfolds into a spacious living area, radiating warmth and vibrancy. The double-height ceiling accentuates the room's grandeur while pops of color enliven the space, creating a lively ambiance that invites exploration. The living area's exterior wall, with its fins covered in laterite stone, has a rustic charm that gives the space a hint of earthy warmth. Sunlight filtering through these fins casts playful patterns across the room, enhancing its allure. The flooring beneath has a hardwood finish, which gives it a warm feel and invites both residents and visitors to sink into its coziness. A cheerful yellow sofa and a distinctive wooden jhoola with multicolored cushions add a dash of color and creative flair to the room. The room's ambiance is further enhanced with the addition of whimsically designed ceiling lights and fans to the double height, lending a hint of charm.

The ground floor of this home is a testament to the seamless fusion of warmth, whimsy, and natural beauty, inviting residents and guests alike to immerse themselves in its tranquil embrace.

The ground floor has a rustic charm with the wooden flooring, a burst of colors and an open-plan layout. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

A Sustainable Material Palette

Every detail that went into creating the House of Greens was carefully thought out, demonstrating a strong respect for the natural world and a dedication to sustainable living. The House of Greens minimizes its environmental impact while honoring its surroundings by using materials taken from the ground. The home has organic beauty and authenticity due to the thoughtful selection of natural materials, such as the warm wooden doors and windows, the timeless elegance of natural granite, and the rich textures of laterite stone cladding. These natural elements enhance the house's aesthetic appeal while also being in perfect harmony with environmental ideals. This deliberate decision demonstrates a holistic approach to design, in which form and function combine to create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically conscious.

Furthermore, the House of Greens' architecture places a high priority on the welfare of its occupants. Ample openings for ventilation allow fresh air to circulate throughout the house, promoting energy and renewal in each space. This continuous flow of fresh air improves comfort and makes the interior environment healthier, which in turn makes both residents and guests feel happier and more content.

A warm and cozy material palette runs throughout the house to provide comfort for all its users. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

The House of Greens is a harmonic blend of human-centered design, sustainable architecture, and the beauty of nature. It serves as proof of the transforming power of architecture, where meticulous attention to detail and profound regard for the natural world combine to produce environments that are nourishing and inspiring to the mind as well as the natural world.

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