Makeover Memos: A Home in Bengaluru is Reincarnated from its Old Self with a Hint of Balinese Swank

The residence’s renovation started with a trivial confusion but reached the top with neutral-hued spaces, tropical style décor, and nuances of Indian craftsmanship.

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Ancestral homes often bear a sense of nostalgia that ceaselessly lingers, meddling with one’s head of the past merriment. Ironically, such emotions are often derived from; the cease of its existence or the quite literal adaptation of Darwin’s theory. A somewhat analogous case transpired in one of the lush gated communities in Bengaluru, Karnataka. A duet of firms; CozyNest Interiors and de Square Architects, performed an architectural procedure to labor ‘Svayambhu’. Loosely translating to ‘self-born’ in Sanskrit, this residence rightfully earned the moniker for its reincarnation from its old self.

“Initially, when we started, there was confusion or rather question in terms of whether we should renovate it, should we completely demolish it and build it, or should we just extend it. Finally, what we concluded with, was a combination of these three,” narrates architect Naveen from de Square Architects, who looked after the structural chunk of the abode.
Svayambhu is the commodity of the teamwork between the architect, designer and the owners. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Bengaluru, Karnataka

Plot Area

6,000 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

5,700 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance



In a rather flourishing fragment of Silicon Valley of India- Bengaluru, a family was expanding in proportions and preferences, “they wanted the house to evolve with their family,” justifies Naveen. Subsequently, a conventional-looking dwelling was tendered to an architect and an interior designer, to brew it according to their tastes. After irreversible planning, plotting, and submitting to the caveats on the ‘aesthetics’ by the community, the quest was concluded with unequal parts; building, demolishing, and retaining. “So, at the end right now, we have around 25% - 30% of the old house that is retained and… approximately of the new house we have around 70% as a newly constructed,” discloses Naveen.

The abode was renovated with parts of it retained, and parts demolished. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

Sauntering through these lush streets with lofty palm trees guarding one on either side, a shy dwelling transpires, trying to shroud itself behind slender plants and fringes of roof that slope down. Skipping over a series of stepping stones, flanked by a perfectly manicured lawn that entices the onlookers for a quick barefoot stroll, one reaches a bijou verandah that offers a warm-fluted handshake pulling the visitor in.

A lush foreground leads to the warm entrance door that transports the visitors to a completely different aesthetic. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


“Though we have created a very luxurious home, but it still has this very down-to-earth and coming presence, that’s the charm that this house has,” elucidates Neelu, principal designer of CozyNest Interiors, about the teleportation from a vintage façade to swanky interiors. As one looks around to acclimate to their up-to-the-minute surroundings, a louvered cloakroom perched above printed cement tiles corroborates the efficacious teleportation, launching further jaunts. Beyond, a convivial living area offers its sprawling assistance to accommodate the visitors, on its copious seating under the shelter of a banana fiber ceiling. “The design of the ceiling itself is, we have a central spine support which is happening …These rafters (that jut out from the central spine to support the sloping roof)  which are overlapping with the wall (are at a distance from each other) and then in between (them) we have used the banana fiber,” explains Neelu about the instances hinting to ligature of Balinese style elements. ‘Kecak’ is performed by a pair of cream linen upholstered couches, a pair each of rust velvet and printed cotton upholstered armchairs around a wooden coffee table. The living area employs a deck adjacent, bestowing it with an embrace from the roof above, to spy on the frail entry points while relishing the view of the garden.

The flamboyant living area sits basking in the natural light, with warm hues and an occasional pop of vibrancy. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

“So, this portion that we have in the center is now the new dining room along with a small lounge over here that has a direct view into the garden,” explains Naveen about the nucleus of the home. This dining room with a live wooden plank dining table, paired with wood and wicker chairs is intoxicated by the tropical waft that comes in from the garden ahead. On exiting the pellucid dining area, one is flown to the balmy forests of ‘Bali’, with a soft peck of golden warmth and the gentle caresses of sultry breezes on the face. The home swathes, this lush garden underscoring an assortment of shrubberies, planters, and trees placed chaotically. In a nook, underneath the filtered light a cozy seating spot transpires for a ‘date in the woods.’ “The movement from the kitchen, towards the dining and then into the garden space is also unhindered” explains Neelu. While on this meditative walk, a susurration of water calls out to the thalassophile inside, to traverse this ethereal space.

The epicenter of the home travels to a lush forest, with visuals straight out of a travel page on Instagram. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

“This is visible from all the common areas; the living, the dining, or the first floor family lounge. It’s also located next to the master bedroom,” clarifies Naveen on the positioning of its sturdiest troop. As one slowly looms, a floating marble framing a metal jaali door transpires a serene pooja space, haloed by water. Accessed by a series of stepping stones floating, with a water spout as an accomplice, this tranquil space emulates Tirta Empul Water Temple in Bali. “So once, we marked the garden here (in the center) and the water body here (adjacent to the dining area), we filled up the rest of the space to get our new structure” Naveen explains about the son’s bedroom that follows the guide of ‘clean boy aesthetic’.

The pooja space exudes an ethereal vibe with light and water, almost blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

The central garden too converts into an espionage agent unearthing another snug floating imposter that implores for attention. The pellucid caravan grants one access to the exclusive soiree of leisure and serenity. This staircase is fielded in between the son’s bedroom and the garden “So, we have the view into the garden,” defends Naveen. The treads of this staircase almost seem to levitate, however on closer scrutiny, they give away the confederate which is the oblique support. “With alternate treads of the ground floor joining with a vertical element to the first-floor slab. Visually!” illuminates architect Naveen on the wooden clad metal supports that extend above for supplementary support.

The staircase escorts one to the upper floor, but not without showing off its artsy design and a blooming garden adjacent. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


Upon completing the scenic hike to the first floor after a day of slogging, one enters into the arms of a family lounge. “The brief was to have a library area,” reveals Neelu on the voluptuous bookshelves that become apparent at the rear end of a seating ensemble. The mahogany shelf lounging behind the emerald velvet upholstered seating troupe, accommodates the inhabitants’ most cherished books, becoming the flag bearer for a subtle gothic vibe. “We have given a gable roof here… designed in accordance with the rest of the elevation as a sloping roof,” adds Naveen while narrating the circumstance that prompted the paragon trilateral skylights on either side. “And the space above the kitchen is your entertainment (space),” recounts Naveen on the space-age aesthetics of the home theater that occupies a seat next to the family lounge.

The family lounge cum library area allows a snug chance at leisure with a book and a view of heaven. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

After moments of relaxation, a stroll on the cool marble stone fused with the balmy breeze from the pooja space below, one time travels to the sultry sanctuaries of Bali. With wooden accents, intricate carvings, and skylights, painting the space using chiaroscuro, the coy master bedroom becomes a slice of heaven for the owner. “Again, going with the… Balinese theme, we have done a beautifully, large, hand-carved teak wood headboard here,” Neelu explains of the sprawling headboard that boasts an intricately carved mandala. While testifying to the assimilation of the slopes Naveen explains, “They (the community) had a lot of rules that we had to follow for the whole design… the entire house over here or all the houses here have to have a sloping roof.” These roofs in turn transpire asymmetric spaces and pockets that look out onto the landscape, while keeping a keen eye on the overtly reachable façade.

The master bedroom with wooden accents becomes a cozy haven for the owners. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Born out of its old self to stereobate ruthless modernism, Svayambhu dons a crown of collaboration that occurred between three parties. The dangerous liaisons between the parties materialized three styles inside this classical piece that narrates vignettes of familial bonds.

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