Reviving its Heritage, A Renovated Home Amidst Lush Gardens blends Ancestral Charm with Modern Creativity

"Home by the Park" stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and sustainability in interior design. The house embodies a harmonious blend of modern living and environmental consciousness.

Reviving its Heritage, A Renovated Home Amidst Lush Gardens blends Ancestral Charm with Modern Creativity

In the realm of design, it's a rarity to encounter projects where the essence of a home can be revitalized while salvaging a significant portion of its original furnishings and materials. Kiran and Apoorva Nayak, the visionary minds behind Tall Storeys Collaborative, seized such an opportunity with gusto in this project. Nestled adjacent to a verdant park, this urban oasis embodies the epitome of serenity within one of Bangalore's most prestigious locales. With four ensuite bedrooms and surrounded by lush greenery on two sides, "Home by the Park" offers not just a dwelling, but a rejuvenating retreat for a young family. The story of this remarkable home is a fusion of modern aesthetics, sustainable principles, and the timeless allure of nature's embrace.

The surrounding park was merely a desolate playing field in 2002 when the initial house began to take shape. It was devoid of the peaceful canopy of trees that it currently has. The house's architecture today tells a story of reflection intertwined with themes of privacy and connection. The central courtyard connects the public areas and is located indoors. This design philosophy is not just a matter of taste; rather, it is a reaction to the property's unusual shape, which gave rise to a variety of rooms with only one giving in to the symmetry of rectangles. The house, an example of creativity and adaptability, beckons to a future full of possibilities while whispering tales of its history.



Bengaluru, Karnataka

Plot Area

3,480 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

5,300 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance



With the distinctive features of the site in mind, the architects designed an attractive entryway with lush landscaping that sets the tone for the journey inside. Upon crossing the threshold, guests are greeted by a foyer that serves as a doorway to the heart of the house. This ground-floor space tells a story of innovative spatial design with a diagonal arrangement that challenges assumptions and invites exploration.

Bathed in natural light and dotted with flora, the living room easily converts into a bar and lounge—a haven for unwinding and socializing. A staircase promotes elevation to other interior realms and serves as a centerpiece sculpture in and of itself. Moving inside, one finds the dining area, which is meant to be used for communal meals and bonding moments, and the kitchen, which is a monument to form and function with plenty of storage and cooking facilities.

Ascending to the first floor reveals a quiet haven where bedrooms are engulfed by comfort. Located in the center of the first floor, is an adaptable area that perfectly captures the spirit of contemporary living by seamlessly combining comfort and utility in the form of a lounge space. In the meantime, a special TV room is prepared to take guests on thrilling video game or movie experiences. The way each room in the house is designed to blend in with its surroundings and make the most of natural light and ventilation is a monument to the architects' unwavering commitment to both practicality and beauty.

Converting the older house into a new version gave the users a totally new perspective to enjoy a life full of nature. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


Upon entering the inner sanctum, guests are welcomed right away by the cozy and peaceful living room, which serves as the heart of the house. This room exudes tranquility, furnished with a palette of milky colors and gentle whites, creating a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the bustling city.

Here, repurposed vintage items blend in perfectly with modern furnishings to create an eclectically charming tapestry, epitomizing the union of old and new. The focal point of it all is an elaborate carpet, a work of art from the Carpet Kingdom, whose striking blue tones act as a unifying theme among the variety of textures and patterns. However, it is the vivid accents that give this haven its real life—a symphony of reds and oranges splattered all over pillows, poufs, and ornamental pieces, giving the space a tangible vitality and zest for life.

A tiny outdoor courtyard tucked away behind towering walls that offer solitude and privacy adds to the charm of this warm and inviting area. Because the living room has sliding doors on both sides, the architects made sure that air and natural light could flow freely through the space, bathing its occupants in a dazzling glow and enticing them to enjoy the outside from the inside.

Entering the house is in itself a journey of exploring a totally new realm that the clients couldn't have imagined. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


Enter the son's bedroom, a colorful haven full of creativity and fun. Its core element is a bed, which goes beyond simple use to serve as a platform for endless activities. A headboard that rises from the bed's frame creates a fun play space above it that is perfect for creative playdates. This raised space, which has rope rails for additional security and privacy, beckons the young residents to go on adventures of exploration and learning. The scene is set beneath this enchanted bedscape by a custom-made carpet that features images of space and cosmic wonders, creating an atmosphere of magic and awe. This bedroom is multipurpose, functional, and meant to evolve with who occupies it. It may be utilized as a lively playground during the day, a concentrated study area during the school day, or a calm haven for peaceful sleep at night.

The young boy's private open wardrobe, an interactive sanctuary where boring clothing rituals are turned into fun explorations of self-expression, helps to further fan the flame of creativity. Here, every piece of clothing transforms into a costume and every ensemble offers a chance for creative play. The son's bedroom is an endless source of inspiration. It is a haven where discovery, education, and leisure blend to create a supportive atmosphere that inspires the developing mind to reach new heights.

The architects went all out to design a haven for the son where his imagination could run wild and he explored the world in his own way. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

"Home by the Park" is a monument to the meticulous attention to detail and careful planning that went into creating an extraordinary urban home tucked away next to a lovely park in Bangalore. Every detail of this home speaks of thoughtful planning and creative elegance, from the minute one enters through the welcoming foyer to the large family room as well as the patio.

This urban haven is more than simply a house; it's a harmonious blend of contemporary comfort and classic charm. Every angle displays a smooth integration of sustainable building methods, modern architectural components, and an everlasting respect for the surrounding natural environment. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor living are effortlessly blurred here, allowing residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of their surroundings and develop deep relationships with one another and the natural world.

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