This 6,300 sq. ft. Art Abode in Hyderabad is a Fusion of Minimalism, Opulence, and Indian Heritage

The design of this Hyderabad villa is crafted to cater to the needs and preferences of its residents, resulting in a space that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and functionality. Thoughtfully curated artworks serve as focal points, adding personality to the entire house.

This 6,300 sq. ft. Art Abode in Hyderabad is a Fusion of Minimalism, Opulence, and Indian Heritage

Nestled within Hyderabad's prestigious Jayabheri Temple Tree complex, The Art Abode is a testament to the harmonious integration of minimalist design, contemporary aesthetics, and a celebration of Indian heritage. Spread across a generous 6,300 square feet, this luxurious bungalow is not merely a residence but a curated masterpiece for a family of three who are avid design and art enthusiasts. Conceptualized and brought to life by the talented Mounika Kodali of Beyond Spaces Design Studio, The Art Abode effortlessly marries modern design aesthetics with classical highlights. Opulent materials, luxe textures, and vibrant hues define the elegance of this residence, setting it apart as a true work of art.

Mounika explains her philosophy by saying "The entire design narrative of the house is subdued, understated, and also elegant..."



Hyderabad, Telangana

Plot Area

4,500 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

6,300 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance


A Visual Journey

A striking Hanuman artwork and a finely crafted console draw your attention as soon as you enter the magnificent foyer. The magnificent brass sculpture that adorns the lobby, which flows perfectly from the foyer, sets the tone for the entire house. Here, simplicity is the main feature, tempered by tasteful furnishings and artwork that bring in bursts of color. The entertainment area features a sleek grey hue enhanced with a vibrant blue sofa and a vibrantly colored printed rug that adds energy. The bar unit and TV units also have a fluted wall design, which provides texture and a contemporary touch.

"So this entire multipurpose room that we created has a different vibe than the rest of the house, we sort of went with a grey theme with fluted paneling all across the walls.." explains Mounika.
One is welcome into the house with a grand lobby that gives the first glimpse into the artistic character of the house. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

Where Modern Meets Classic

Ascending the stairs reveals a welcoming living and dining area, characterized by a perfect blend of modern furniture with classic detailing. Different moods are created in the two formal seating areas: one with an appealing L-shaped sofa in pastel colors, and the other with sofas in modern designs in shades of brown and grey. Vibrant paintings, unique sculptures, and warm wooden accents give the living area character and richness.

"So this space was a challenge in itself as to how we divide this large space. So we decided to go ahead and divide the room into two halves..." explains Mounika, telling us how this idea of having two separate living spaces came to her mind.

The living room opens up into a double-height hallway with stone walls. A striking chandelier and a wooden horse sculpture in this area draw the eye and provide a touch of grandeur to the entire atmosphere.

The dining area is a culinary paradise that is easily accessed through the corridor. A lavish 10-person dining table occupies the main space, encircled by seats that masterfully combine traditional and contemporary design elements with its use of wood and wicker. Wallpaper with a nature theme unifies the space and creates a calming, unified atmosphere.

A dual living room on the first floor gives simple and cozy vibes to the entire space. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

Tranquil Retreats

The home has four exquisitely designed bedrooms that give great comfort in a minimalistic style. Of these, the large master bedroom is particularly noteworthy as a calm haven for rest and renewal. The main bedroom radiates subtle elegance and sophistication, complete with a cozy four-poster bed and a private terrace. Indian-theme wallpaper adorns the walls, lending the space an air of grandeur and cultural depth. Designed to be incredibly functional and calming, the main bedroom offers occupants a peaceful haven where they can relax and get away from the daily grind. This room perfectly captures the spirit of contemporary luxury living with its well-balanced combination of comfort, design, and efficiency.

The Art Abode in Hyderabad is the ideal combination of art, design, and lifestyle—it's more than just a place to live. This opulent home has been meticulously designed to suit the needs and tastes of its occupants in every way. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the room's clean, modern furnishings, striking artworks, and enough of natural light create an atmosphere that perfectly captures the occupants' distinct tastes and styles.

All the bedrooms in the house are designed to be the epitome of comfort and privacy mixed with the artistic style of the design philosophy. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

The Art Abode, which offers a living experience that is both magnificent and inviting, is a tribute to the skillful fusion of modern living with a hint of the rich Indian past.

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