This Habitat in Chandigarh With An Inverted Sloping Roof Stands Out For Its Interesting Facade

Designed with the intention to cherish the small moments in life, this abode is a fresh take on the original material palette of Chandigarh. The use of exposed bricks and exposed concrete is quite prominent, but has its own identity owing to the modern twist.

This Habitat in Chandigarh With An Inverted Sloping Roof Stands Out For Its Interesting Facade

The name of the home is perfectly reflected in its design, with a tapered roof as the main focus element. Staying true to its roots, this home is a tribute to the materials native to the city, but reinterpreting the use and technique in the contemporary world.



Chandigarh, India

Plot Area

4,500 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

4,500 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance



The inverted sloping roof, also known as the butterfly roof, is the most striking feature of the home. Supported by wooden rafters at the bottom, this concrete roof is left exposed to respond to the nature around and add warmth to the spaces inside.

With the roof of the lower level looking downward, the roof on the upper level looks upwards in the sky. This interesting play of slopes in different directions creates drama on the façade.

The inverted sloping roof above the living area and dining area provides the home with a dramatic aesthetic. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


Taking into consideration the site’s attributes, the house has been created with a central courtyard.

Situated at the heart of the home, the courtyard is shielded with a wall on the south-west. The space has a retractable roof, making the area functional in all seasons. Responding to the sky above, the flooring in this space is blue imitating the sky, with a pattern resembling a Turkish rug.

Located at the end of the staircase this space is glazed on three sides. The glass partitions allow visual connectivity between the interiors and the exteriors while also acting as a barrier, guarding its user against intense weather conditions. The central courtyard of the home connects all the spaces, bringing the family members together to spend quality time.

The Courtyard of the home with a double height painted wall and a retractable skylight. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


The two floors of the home are divided by functions and usage, but are visually connected through the courtyard. The three sides of the ground floor level are glazed to allow ample sunlight.

Wooden louvered windows on the two sides of the first floor level open into the courtyard. lending a sense of oneness to these spaces, allowing for a dialogue with one another. A painting on the south wall acts as a visual connector for the two levels.

The ground level and the first level of the home looking into the courtyard, creating a visual connection. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.


The home has a colourful and vibrant interior, contrasting to the muted exterior. The essence of the city is perfectly depicted, with exposed brickwork and exposed concrete.

The spaces have been unified with textures and prints complimenting each other. For example, the use of pastel green paint, rattan furniture, floral printed dining chairs, colourful sofas, and the hand-painted Jodhpuri center table, sitting together in harmony.

Contrasting to the projected rooms, the main entrance to the house is recessed making it a unique feature.

The exterior of the home is muted, contrasting to the colourful and playful home interiors. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

The design of the home depicts balance between traditional and contemporary style. With an accurate indoor and outdoor interaction, the spaces in the home spill out to nature, bringing in the connection.

The home welcomes the visitors with its ruggedness, radiating warmth and the airy spaces with pops of colours providing  hints of playfulness.
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