This 2,200 sq. ft. Home in Kerala is Packed with Traditional Elements Fused with a Pop of Colour

Hridayam is equal parts traditional and contemporary with a fusion of materials. Its layout brings the family together for heartfelt conversations and bonding.

This 2,200 sq. ft. Home in Kerala is Packed with Traditional Elements Fused with a Pop of Colour

The phrase ‘Home is where the heart is’, maybe a well-worn quote one comes across, yet for this dwelling, a parallel sentiment gracefully sweeps across every space. Aptly christened ‘Hridayam’, which translates to ‘heart’ in Malayali, this minimalistic dwelling embodies the very essence of its namesake organ. This home is the architect’s poignant tribute to his family and their profound deep-rooted connection. Mirroring the intricate functioning of the heart, Hridayam perfectly portrays its role- pumping serenity and affinity to nourish its residents.

The architect explains the concept of Hridayam and its features that depict the namesake. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Thrissur, Kerala

Plot Area

3,484.48 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

2,200 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance



Subtle hints of tropical modernism, reminiscent of Geoffrey Bawa’s ideologies, caress the home. Nestled in a tranquil enclave along a curved street, this abode peeps from the lushness of its verdant surroundings. At the heart of a dense foliage, lies a whimsical verandah serving as the initial sanctum to receive a whiff of traditionality. Supported by columns crafted from palm wood and a warm hug from the Mangalore-tiled pitched roof, this celestial space extends a warm welcome to all its visitors. It also transforms into a sit-out space, where the family can host guests, without the need to beckon them inside. A well, reminiscent of the deep-seated Indian roots of the family, sits gracefully juxtaposed behind a koi-pond, thereby perpetuating the overarching theme of the dwelling.

A traditional verandah welcomes the visitors featuring well and a koi pond that sit together in perfect harmony. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

A series of pitched roofs traverse across the expanse of this dwelling, adding a sense of depth to its façade. The roofing is sectioned into smaller fragments, to serve as channels for natural light and air into the space, almost evoking a striking resemblance to the arteries in the body.

The home flaunts a series of roofs to allow ample natural light to drench the spaces. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


Upon entering the living area from the verandah, an elusive whisper of verdancy delicately infiltrates one’s senses. The double-height living spills seamlessly into the two courtyards that rim the home, purposefully blurring the boundaries between the home and nature. They serve as an escape away from the realms of concrete and wood taking you into the tranquil land of greens. A seating along the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows allows the residents to effortlessly blend in with their natural surroundings. The entire floor radiates in the ephemeral glow of natural light that circulates throughout the space.

The courtyards on the east and west side seamlessly blurs the boundaries between the home and it surroundings. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

Opposite the living expanse, a stairway leads to a circular bay window that elegantly pecks at its surroundings. A playful yellow rim adds a burst of colour, into the otherwise neutral palette of the home. A seating is neatly tucked within this circular niche, making it a perfect alcove for indulging in reading and afternoon naps. Adjacent to this goofball, is a poised bay window gracefully jutting out amidst the assembly of roofs, seamlessly intertwining with the lush foliage that envelops the residence.

The bay window becomes the focal point exuding tranquil vibes. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.


The discerning use of reclaimed wood weaves an aura of warmth throughout the residence. It subtly nods at sustainability, while preserving the traditional roots. This dwelling boldly defies the notion of wood being a visually heavy material, featuring delicately crafted furniture. Being a staunch advocate for sustainability, select pieces of furniture have been refurbished from their old home. The deliberate placement of each piece of furniture not only serves a functional purpose but also fosters meaningful conversations. To break free from the monotony, the Athangudi tiles make a timeless appearance. Sourced locally they flaunt patterns and vibrant hues that inject a playful character into the home.

The judicious use of reclaimed wood perpetuates the sustainable nature of the home. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Hridayam stands as a focal point, seamlessly tying together each member of the household. From the very entry, every space within alludes to a myriad of conversations, a symphony of laughter, and a profound sense of connection. Every nook serves as a nourisher of its inhabitant's roots, cultivating a deep sense of belonging to the home, and the people in it.

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