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Interior designer from Hohm design studio. Our office is located in Coonoor, a hillside town in Nilgiris. Coming from an MBA background, I suddenly decided to venture into the line of design after a short term course on interior design. Surely what was maybe inborn was the flair for design and creativity, and the inspiration was the joy “creating” brought to me. Over a cup of coffee, a friend talked me into starting my own design firm, especially with coonoor being the most popular place for holiday homes. And yes, after that there was no looking back. I believe design is a collaborative effort between me and the client. My first step is to always understand what their goals are and what is the story they want to tell. I then conceptualise the moodboards so they can visualise how the project will look and feel like. We present this to the client to get aligned, and that’s when the design process begins. I believe in making this a very personal and curated experience for my clients. Each home speaks a different language and echoes the vibe of the people living in it. I love to promote the local talent and upcoming artists and try to curate and custom make a lot locally. It forms a big part of our design philosophy. My passion to design and convert them into reality is what drives me and keeps me motivated every day. I prefer walking through the spaces and letting the walls to talk to me, thus, resulting more in intuitive design rather than keeping up with emerging trends. With so much creativity in every thing around us, I wake up to inspirations each morning. And nature makes me experiment with newer colour palettes. In the future I would love to see the extensive use of natural & sustainable materials and let them dominate the design trends.

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Based In
Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
Founded In
La Serenite
La Serenite
13000 sq. ft.
Tamil Nadu
Sonal Chordia
Principal Architect
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