Canopy Chronicles: A Home Balancing Minimalism with the Aid of Volumes

Aptly christened as ‘Canopy House’, this home is a perfect blend of minimalism and subtle opulence. It features volumes and overhangs, dictated by the natural surroundings according to their convenience.

Canopy Chronicles:  A Home Balancing Minimalism with the Aid of Volumes

A certain indispensable character in a story renders it flamboyant and guarantees it the best-selling title. Correspondingly in this home’s account, natural settings take on the role of the protagonist. To be literal, this abode set in the lush heart of Pune is inspired by a ‘tree’s Canopy and its nuances’. Crafted by Mind Manifestation, it capitalizes on the act of shade-giving by extending its scopes, all the while tallying a tapestry of light and ventilation to caress every corner that lurks.

“We decided to take inspiration from the existing tree and tried to create man-made canopies complementing the natural canopies of trees and the idea of ‘Canopy House’ came into the picture,” explains architect Anand Deshmukh of Mind Manifestation.
Architect Anand Deshmukh and Chetan Lahoti of Mind Manifestation explain the concept behind the 'Canopy House'. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Pune, Maharashtra

Plot Area

5,381.96 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

5,500 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance



A dramatic piece performed by the volumes and its overhangs casts the first impression of the abode from the internal street ahead. “The microclimate of this region plays a very important role, which has given the idea of the ‘Canopy House’ with tall windows, large glazing, and maximum openness and connection to the outdoor areas,” explains architect Anand. A brief stroll underneath the prevailing and manufactured canopies escorts one to a petite Tulsi Vrindavan (Tulsi Garden), perched above a stone with a shade paler than its jet-black granite flooring. This verdant patch is positioned against a massive glass façade, offering tantalizing glimpses of the inner sanctum.

The home's entrance is through a wooden door that is unveiled after a brief stroll. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

Terminating the divine escapade, a warm wooden portion comes into focus, concealing within it a portal that grants access to the inner sanctum. “So, we have an open floor plan on the ground floor, which allows a seamless connection between the kitchen, dining, and a living area,” explains architect Chetan Lahoti of Mind Manifestation about the uncluttered design of the residence.

After bowing to the divine energy, a glass façade allows sneak peeks into the warm abode. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


On entering the inner sanctum, one is confronted by a double-height living space, almost akin to an opening in the forest. With glass façades on two sides, it looks out to the Tulsi Garden and into a sublime courtyard. This double-height space with auburn hues on the remaining two walls, establishes a connection with the upper floor establishing the overall theme of transparency in the home. Diagonally overlooking the living area is a modest dining area that gazes out onto the lush courtyard. This eccentric space boasts a divine intervention from the pooja space ahead, with which it aims to achieve a connection with the natural surroundings. “We have tried to design the dining area… with a built-in dining table platform made of granite, terminating into a planter for a topiary Ficus,” explains Anand. The dining table extends into this petite courtyard, which receives a warm hug from the home. This austere space features a lawn bordered by an assortment of plantations, while a series of overhangs protect its cooling charm. An alfresco seating area sits adjacent to this courtyard shaded under the canopy of the two floors, where one can find solace in the arms of nature; sipping a cup of steaming ‘chai’ while having a tête-à-tête.

The open plan layout of the home, coupled with massive windows render it translucent and airy. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

“There is a cascading effect of internal interaction, from the second level to the first level to the courtyard below,” explains architect Anand standing in the family lounge on the first floor. This double-height space with a warm auburn hue, invites a lavish amount of light to lounge through its expanse rendering it airy. Opposing this, is a white wall with a charcoal mural of the home’s muse- ‘Trees,’ curated by Mr. Rajendra a local artist “…which becomes a backdrop for celebration of festivals,” architect Anand adds.

The family lounge further perpetuates the translucent character , while being visually connecting to the courtyard below and bridge above. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.


The first floor is exclusively reserved for the family but it makes an exception with a guest bedroom. This guestroom with an attached walk-in wardrobe, spills onto a balcony in an attempt to connect with nature and glow in the golden hour. The bed placed at the crux mimics a throne, with vertical posters on two sides perched above a set of printed tiles. The backdrop of the bed happens to be an uncanny feature, fabricated from terracotta and converted into a jaali. “… (it is) painted black purposely to go along with the metal, and that doesn’t give its identity of terracotta,” explains Chetan on the black appeal of the backdrop. To avoid blind spots, an openable wooden louvered window sits opposing the bed, looking down at the living area. On the other side of this ensemble, “to the west side of the house, we have created a master bedroom, which overlooks into the courtyard,” explains architect Chetan. This room is adorned with wood and wicker hues and massive glass façades, that invite the natural light in. Standing as a striking contrast, a bathroom adorned with marble is attached to this minimalistic bedroom.

The bedrooms with the use of painted terracotta jaali, massive windows, and sprawling balconies become cozy havens in the corner. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Hiking up a series of stairs, a bridge overlooking the family lounge below leads to a glass and wooden mesh door. Chilling behind the glass door is a sprawling hangout den perfect for hosting evening soirees or barbeque nights. “Primarily designed as a multi-purpose space; like a family gathering space, a gym area, and a party area where clients can entertain their guests,” describes Chetan while strolling in the space. Wood has been a dominant material throughout the dwelling, it makes an appearance in this space, in the form of sleek wooden shelves and on the ceiling. An L-shaped glazing pulls you onto an L-shaped balcony, reinforcing the relationship between nature and the home, providing an almost poetic space for a ‘drink under the stars’.

The hangout den on the second floor makes for a perfect spot for exquisite evening soirée. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Canopy House posed a challenge for the architects “…to have a balance between modern day finishes and the studio’s philosophy to use the natural materials,” reminisces architect Chetan. With a play of volumes and sheer transparency, this abode conspires with the trees to mimic its actions of endowing shade. Its minimalistic character and ability to seamlessly meld with nature earned it the moniker of the ‘Canopy House’ justifies architect Anand while saying, “It is a result of a journey”.

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