Garden of Regality: A 17,500 sq. ft. Home Transcends Boundaries To Peck Nature

This home in the heart of the city, paradoxically stands under the lush shade of the previously planted trees. Following their lead, the home too, incorporates gardens and vantage points in its luxe sanctum.

Garden of Regality: A 17,500 sq. ft. Home Transcends Boundaries To Peck Nature

With all sorts of therapies emerging, to solace one from the recurring ailments, by the way of living, a practice was born with a silver spoon-Nature’s Therapy. From combating lethal illnesses to curing the stress of the city, ‘nature,’ has been in this business since the dawn of time. Endorsing this business, Sankar & Associates crafted a retreat dubbed ‘House of Cascading Gardens’, that offered its services to a family in the heart of the bustling city of Salem in Tamil Nadu.

“My idea of luxury is being able to enjoy natural light, (and) natural ventilation. I think today that is the luxury in most places considering how urban blight is spreading into our cities,” reveals Siddarth Sankar, principal architect of Sankar & Associates.
Architect explaining the lush context and luxe concept of the home. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.



Salem, Tamil Nadu

Plot Area

44,055 sq. ft.

Built-up Area

17,500 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vaastu Compliance



In the nucleus of the bustling Steel City- Salem, glimmers an olive lining courtesy of a plot; adorned with venerable trees, “the lady of the house had already had about 100 trees planted in the periphery of this (site), so I could see the passion of the whole thing,” justifies Siddarth. The overcrowded periphery thus allowed the home to sit back following the Vaastu principles, flaunting a faerie entrance. Consequently, a palatial driveway rolls the carpet amidst the vegetation's blossoming protection, offering princess treatment to each visitor till the oasis. A tree quite literally planted inside bears witness to one’s strolls on the waterbody before they submit to a rather colossal inner sanctum.

A magnificent driveway transpires, blocking the city noise and contributing to the tranquil experience of the residents. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


On crossing the publicly accessible frontage- a foyer, a massive courtyard gusts light in the corralling, convivial areas. Exclusive access to capaciousness is conferred upon; a gregarious drawing area, a dining area that is steadfast to a colloquial living area; with no apparent boundaries to the exteriors. “Spatial organization-wise we had all the public areas right in the front,” explains Siddarth.

A wooden fluted door grants access to the sprawling interiors of the home that exude a regal vibe. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.

The practically open-to-sky, pallid courtyard parlays as a foreground for the pooja area that exudes an ethereal glow courtesy of the mother-of-pearl-cladded door frame. The foldable skylight, when retracted, shines light on a flamboyant Amrita Manthan (nectar churning) mural above; painted by a collaborative called HaTa. On the ground, this leveled courtyard careens away from conventions and is bordered by a mystical blue light. “It's defined by this beautiful blue onyx, they are non-dyed onyx, so it's natural,” he justifies. A cool gust of wind mingled with a soft swish infiltrates the space during a ceremonial pooja leaving one anticipating more. This humidity and susurrus; can be traced back to a rugged, travertine koi-pond opposite the pooja area, that offers a sunbathing facility courtesy of a foldable skylight. This biophilic space hypnotizes its users, for an extended coffee break; allowing them to have their Sherlock moment by diligently surveying the entrance. As one escapes the hypnosis and resolves to go deep inside the habitat; a similar mystical blue light calls out from the bedroom “The master bedroom... on the ground floor uses blue abalone (a semi-precious stone),” divulges Siddarth.

The courtyard becomes a space that illuminates the adjacent spaces; living area, dining area, and drawing area. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


Continuing the hypnotherapy, a helical stairway carts one to the hush-hush sleeping floor of the residents that attenuates in size, “one of the reasons for that is to create these beautiful cascading terraces,” rationalizes Siddarth. Before the garden ahead whisks one away into its enchanted realm, a regal purple radiance tempts one to inspect the source of its humble blaze. Tracing it to the master bedroom, one pacifies into the symphony of the Amethyst and wooden accents; calmly slumbering to its lullabies. These lullabies alter their pitches to emulate the soft milieu of wooden accents and a cushioned feature wall in the children’s room, that covertly peeks out onto a terrace garden.

The bedrooms conceal crystals like; amethyst, lapis lazuli, and blue abalone to exude a sense of healing aura to the spaces. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Canonizing the landscaped garden on this floor, a 150-year-old olive tree tells stoic, amorous chronicles of the previous lifetime of this Elysian piece of land. Pulling away from the intense eye contact with the olive tree, another Edenic garden overhangs only to stop before aligning borders with the terrace below, recreating the home’s exclusive cascading effect. In its pursuit, one spirals to the next floor getting a front seat; to stalk the oeuvre and its angelic character. A misty pergola sanctifies one before entering this slice of heaven, Siddarth further explains, “The second floor has an eight-shaped walking track,” for a quick game of hopscotch amidst the larger-than-life planters. These rustic planters endured the fiery pits of the netherworld to attain; the halo of shrubbery and soft caresses of the breeze, coalescing it into a verdant world that lives beyond.

The protagonists of the home are the cascading gardens that look out onto the entrance and to the cityscape. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Moving away from the Spartan glory, a Manchester United-themed bar area insinuates the rather hedonistic debauchery that occurs during crepuscular soirees. Trailing a few stairs, an indoor pool washes away any vestiges inferring to the incidences of a shindig, while star gazing out of a foldable roof. “The interesting thing about the pool is; there is a small bisazza, actually I did the tiling for the pool and there is a line... ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ and that’s inspired by Star Wars,” Siddarth animatedly tells us, revealing the client’s interests. After this ambiguous night full of indulgence, a sanctuary lurks behind closed doors for a hardcore workout session, accompanied by a spa; for a self-care Sunday. Overhead a yoga and meditation room, further aids in attaining Nirvana from the propel of the city.

The upper floors are dedicated to ultimate relaxation and leisure to strip away the city's hustle. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.

In the House of Cascading Gardens, gardens play a tacit mediator in establishing a connection between humans and nature. In an effort to completely strip away traces of the jaded city life, this swanky home offers; crystal therapy, nature therapy, and so much more. It stands as a little pill of ecstasy amidst the netherworld of; to-do lists, blaring horns, corporate ladders, and lost souls.

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