This 4,800 sq. ft. Home is a Testament to Timeless Architecture and Carefully Thought Interiors

Welcome to Anugraha – where every corner exudes grace and elegance. From the sweeping curves of its architecture to the warm embrace of natural light and verdant foliage, this project is a testament to harmonious living.

This 4,800 sq. ft. Home is a Testament to Timeless Architecture and Carefully Thought Interiors

It's not often that you come across a house built on the principles of simple living. Today, 'sustainability' is not just a buzzword but also something that people have started adopting in each and every aspect of their lives - be it the clothes they wear, the food they eat, or even the way they live. Architects identified this theory long back and have been persistent in trying to make people aware of these techniques. Abhay, Jayesh, and Joshna from Defining Space Studio are doing the exact same thing. With their experimentation in finding natural materials and putting them together to create harmonious breathable spaces, they put in every effort to fulfill their clients' requirements by blending their philosophies and the clients' ideas to create something beautiful.

'Anugraha', meaning 'grace', is not just a name but a philosophy that they wove into every detail of this house design. Here, the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces is seamless, inviting you to connect with nature at every turn. The earthy palette, adorned with warm wooden textures, rustic terracotta finishes, and accents of greenery, creates a timeless ambiance that is both comforting and inspiring. Join us as we embark on a journey through Anugraha, where grace and beauty converge to create a truly exceptional home.



Bengaluru, Karnataka

Plot Area

1,500 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area

4,800 sq. ft.

Number of Rooms


Completion Year


Vastu Compliance



As you stroll past Anugraha, your gaze is inevitably drawn to a striking masterpiece – the façade. It's not just a mere structure; it's a meticulously crafted puzzle, where every piece seamlessly fits together to form a mesmerizing elevation. What captures attention are two distinct elements: first, a gracefully curved wall constructed with exposed bricks, arranged in an intricate pattern. Second, a terracotta screen delicately blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, adding both charm and functionality to the façade. It's a spectacle that not only pleases the eyes but also serves a purpose, inviting curiosity and admiration from all who pass by.

What's truly remarkable is that this seemingly artistic façade serves a dual purpose. From the outside, it stands as a sculptural marvel, but step inside, and it transforms into something unexpected – cozy seating nooks. These intimate spaces are nestled within the bedrooms, inviting you to unwind and indulge in leisurely activities. Whether it's losing yourself in a good book, savoring a cup of coffee, or stealing a peaceful afternoon nap, these snug corners offer a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. It's a delightful blend of form and function, seamlessly integrated into the very fabric of the home.

On the other side, the terracotta screen boasts its dual functionality. As you admire its intricate design from the exterior, crafted from terracotta blocks blending hues of auburn and white, it seamlessly complements the overarching theme of the house. However, step beyond this threshold, and you'll find a lush oasis nestled within. The screen becomes a canvas for verdant vegetation, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Positioned strategically on the southern side, this fusion of terracotta and greenery serves a practical purpose as well. It acts as a shield against the harsh sunlight, diffusing its intensity while ensuring the interiors are bathed in a gentle, ambient glow. Moreover, it facilitates natural ventilation, allowing cool breezes to permeate the space, keeping the atmosphere fresh and invigorating throughout the day.

A dual façade to the house provides both external beauty and internal functionality to the house. Watch the complete video on Buildofy.


As you cross the threshold into the inner sanctum, you're greeted by a serene world of minimalist interiors. The first floor, meticulously designed with an open-plan layout, fosters a sense of connectivity from the moment you step inside. Stretching from the inviting living room at the southern end to the kitchen tucked away in the far north, every space flows seamlessly into the next. Nestled in between, a well-lit combination of the dining area and pooja space face each other, creating a harmonious balance between communal gatherings and moments of quiet reflection. It's a haven of simplicity and tranquility, inviting you to unwind and embrace the beauty of understated elegance.

A calm and serene interiors welcomes guests into a haven of minimalist design. To watch the complete home documentary, click here.


Ascending to the upper floors reveals a realm of private sanctuaries, meticulously crafted for comfort and seclusion. Here, bedrooms line both the northern and southern wings, each boasting its walk-in wardrobe and attached toilet, offering residents a sense of autonomy and luxury. While the southern bedrooms exude simplicity and functionality, it's the kids' bedroom that truly steals the spotlight among these private havens.

The kids' bedroom unveils a captivating twin-room concept, where functionality meets imagination. Upon entering, you're greeted by a multipurpose space that seamlessly transforms from a dedicated study area during study hours to a vibrant play zone bursting with laughter and fun. Bathed in soothing powder blue hues and adorned with lively block print fabrics, every element is thoughtfully curated with the child's future in mind. Despite its playful nature, characterized by whimsical semicircular patterns, the space exudes an understated elegance that ensures its relevance even as the child grows older.

Warm and comfortable bedroom spaces with ample space, light and its unique design provides a cozy sleeping quarters to the occupants. Visit Buildofy for the video of the complete project walkthrough.

Anugraha epitomizes the essence of a home with character and visual intrigue, meticulously crafted to resonate with its inhabitants. By layering the spaces with elements of history and nostalgia, the design team has created a sanctuary where every corner tells a story.

Embracing the ethos of "Less is more," the interiors seamlessly blend with the spaces, exuding a sense of tranquility and understated elegance. It's not just a house; it's a living, breathing masterpiece, inviting you to embark on a journey of serenity and inspiration.

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