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House with a Brick Veil
Studio Lotus
Built on a plot of 2788 sqft. in the city of New Delhi, this beautiful house is designed by Studio Lotus. As explained by architect Siddhartha Talwar, the brick veil that envelopes the living spaces creates various internal green courts that connect on all floors and provides screening to the house visually and acoustically from the noisy neighborhood. more..
Project Info
Location:Jangpura, New Delhi, Delhi
Category:First Home
Theme:Indian Contemporary
Plot Area:2788 sq. ft.
Dimensions:60 X 46 feet (length x width)
No. of Rooms:3
No. of Car Parking:2
Built-up Area:10000 sq. ft.
Start Year:2014
Completion Year:2015
Project Cost: 3300 per sq. ft. (approx)
Photo Credit: Randhir Singh and Edmund Sumner
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Architecture Team
Know the architects and designers who worked on this project
Sidhartha Talwar
Principal Architect
Ambrish Arora
Principal Architect
Ankur Choksi
Principal Architect
Pankhuri Goel
Principal Architect
Asha Sairam
Principal Architect
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