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The Shaded House
Shayona Consultant
The Shaded House was a challenge as its 45 x 90 feet site was surrounded by 2 to 4 story buildings on 3 sides in the Paldi area of Ahmedabad city. Principal Ar. Prashant Parmar narrates the story of this house as it intelligently plays with semi-open terraces, shaded by multiple frames, creating a unique experience throughout the day and establishing visual connections with the outdoors. more..
Project Info
Location:Paldi , Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Category:First Home
Theme:Indian Contemporary
Plot Area:4000 sq. ft.
Dimensions:45 X 90 feet (length x width)
No. of Rooms:4
No. of Car Parking:2
Built-up Area:5200 sq. ft.
Start Year:2018
Completion Year:2021
Project Cost: 3000 per sq. ft. (approx)
Photo Credit: Inclined Studio
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Prashant Parmar
Principal Architect
Houses in Gujarat
Shayona Consultant
Indian Contemporary